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You can make your own show plate in a few minutes with our online making service. Each plate is made from quality materials and is of the highest standard you can imagine. We will deliver your design speedily, and you can order safe in the knowledge that our customers are our top priority.
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Important: We DO NOT sell private registration numbers, we produce the physical plates made to order.

What is a Show Plate?

Show plates are used in place of a number plate when a vehicle is at a show, event, in a salesroom or just in your private garage. They cannot be used on the road and so come in varying fonts and can use alternative colour choices as well as images.

How Do You Install a Show Plate?

We sell fitting kits with all our plates, and you can add yours to the basket when you have designed your show plate. For your ease of use, we have published a range of video guides that will help you to install your show plate correctly.

What is the Legal Status of Show Plates?

There is nothing illegal about owning a show plate, but you cannot take them on the road as they do not adhere to the DVLA number plate regulations. If you are looking for a number plate that can be used on the road, then head on over to our number plate maker.

Popular Uses of Show Plates

While show plates are not usable on the road, you can use them in a variety of other ways, and they are incredibly popular with people all over the country. Take a look through our most common uses for show plates below.

Promotional Material

If you are in the trade, then you will know that the use of show plates can help drive customers to you at shows and events. Defining your brand is important, and our show plates are a fantastic way to help your clientele recognise you across events. When you use our show plates at your next event, we are certain you will reap the rewards.

Events and Exhibitions

The UK car show meets are really popular with car enthusiasts and having show plates are a great way to get your name recognised and talked about by the crowds that arrive. If you are showing your car or are a business owner and have a stall at these events, then using show plates can help to get people interested and talking about you. If your vehicle is going to be part of a judging process, then a show plate can help to pop your offering and keep the judges talking about you.                              

Improving How Your Car Looks

Show plates are a great choice if you want to add something special to your car when it is on private property or part of a private fleet that is kept at home. Many multiple car owners like to use our show plates to help categorise their vehicles and use them to garner interest from visitors.

Selling Cars

If you are a car dealer or are looking to sell a car, then a show plate can be a great way to grab people’s attention. While they cannot be taken onto a road, show plates can be used on private land, private driveways or in a showroom; giving you plenty of scope to use them to your advantage.


Many people use show plates as an accessory or gift for people who love their vehicles. As they can’t be taken on the road, you can personalise them in whatever way you want and make them into the best birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one. Even better, treat yourself and use them to spice up the look of your garage or workspace.