How to Fit Show Plates or Number Plates

Our Number Plate and Show Plate Fitting Guide

We are pleased to share that our number and show plates are incredibly easy to install, and we have a fitting kit available that you can pop into your basket that you can be certain will fit your requirements.

Fitting Methods

Sticky Pad Method

Supplies required:

  • Sticky pads (included from our kit)
  • Crosshead screwdriver

Installation steps:

  1. Remove your current plate by unscrewing it
  2. Attach the sticky pads to your new plates – on either end and centre
  3. Align your new plates with the vehicle
  4. Remove the backing sheets from the pads and push them firmly onto the vehicle until they adhere successfully

Screw-On Method

Supplies required:

  • Electric drill
  • Crosshead screwdriver

Installation Steps:

  • Remove your current plate by unscrewing it
  • Using your old plate, source where new holes need to be drilled
  • Drill your new holes, using the old plate as a guide
  • Screw the plates onto your vehicle tightly
  • Attach the screw caps to give a polished look