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Posted by ukshowplateress
March 20th, 2020 at 9:55 am

Everything is going digital these days, so it was never going to be long before vehicle registration and number plates became digitised too. Although number plate digitisation may not be happening imminently, many countries worldwide are exploring this possibility already. It probably isn’t too surprising that Dubai is among the first places to jump on the digitised band-wagon, however even here in the UK, digital plates are also being created.

Sultan Abdulla-al-Marzouqi, the head of Dubai’s vehicle licensing department announced recently that the country would soon be rolling out smart registration plates that would be slowly coming into operation with traditional number plates being phased out. As you might imagine, the digital plates, similar to a smartphone, have capabilities not usually linked to number plates.

Once the program has rolled out, Dubai drivers will be able to expect updates in real time from their number plate together with information about changing road conditions. The plates will even tell drivers about accidents on the roads so they can avoid any unnecessary delay. There is even a feature allowing drivers to communicate easily with others in real-time on the roads to eliminate road rage. However, it appears that their most vital feature could be their ability to make contact with the emergency services instantly.

Digital Plates And Their Possibilities

Digital number plates are linked to the driver’s profile or user account to make it simpler for the user to tackle issues more easily such as paying parking fees, renewing vehicle registrations and paying fines online. Digitisation won’t just make it easier to register a vehicle, it’ll also make life easier for an average driver.

Another bonus is that digitised number plates are sure to reduce the number of plate thefts experienced today. In Dubai’s proposed version of these plates, any number plate that has been stolen may feature an alert to visually show that it was stolen. This would appear immediately once the owner indicates their plate is gone. Not only will this make it simpler and quicker to catch thieves, but it will also put off anyone who would consider stealing number plates.

You may imagine that these plans will be very costly for the government and it’s likely those costs will be passed onto the driver when it comes to paying for a number plate and registering a vehicle. At the moment, there are no details from Dubai about the project’s total cost, however in a lot of weights, the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. Overall, the extra we’ll need to pay for smart plates might end up being worth it when they reduce the bureaucracy involved in registering a vehicle.