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Posted by ukshowplateress

Let’s face it, for a lot of us Christmas isn’t just a time for enjoying the company of friends and family we might not have seen for a while, but it’s also a time when you have to think of what presents to buy them all. While giving is supposed is to be better than receiving, so they say, thinking of what to buy and actually going out and buying it can be a bit of a pain, to say the least. It’s a great feeling when you think of something original you know that special someone will love, so what about buying them a personalised number plate?

Some people are easy to buy for, but what do you get for someone dear to you who you’ve been swapping presents with for years? It’s always fantastic to see the face of someone when they open that truly original present you can instantly tell they’re delighted with it. It’s even better if that present is something you know they’ll own, use and enjoy every day for years to come. There aren’t too many presents that tick all those boxes and then some, but a number plate can definitely be one of them.

An enduring gift

We all know that feeling when we open a present and we know it’s something we don’t want, need or particularly like. We put on a brave face, put it away in a cupboard when nobody’s looking, and then wait a suitable amount of time before we dispose of it. It’s not nice for the person who received the present, but it’s even worse for the person who bought it even though they may never know the truth.

A private number plate is a truly unique gift that will effectively last forever, and it’s hard to think of any other gift you could come up with that’s as enduring as a number plate. Of course, a number plate is far more than just the yellow front and white rear plastic rectangles you fit to your vehicle. It’s the registration number itself that’s the real gift, it will last for ten years even if they don’t assign it to a vehicle right away, and once it is registered to a vehicle it’s theirs until they decide to sell it, transfer it or put it back on retention.

Buy it anytime

A gift that can potentially last and stay useful forever is great for the person who receives it, but buying a number plate for someone can also take a lot of the strain out of Christmas gift-buying for you too. On one hand, those who like to buy gifts far in advance have no worries with a number plate. It’s not going to go out of date, it’s not going to perish and it’s not going to go out of fashion. You can identify a number that’s right for that special someone and buy it in January and present, then you can put for feet up and forget about it until you give it as a gift 11 months later at Christmas.

Of course, plenty of us (especially men) are guilty of putting present buying off until the very last minute, and we all know the problems that can cause. Let’s be honest here; running around Tesco at 3.30pm on Christmas Eve is unlikely to end up in you coming home with a gift your significant other is going to cherish, is it?

You might not be able to get a physical number plate made up when the shops have shut on Christmas Eve, but you can still go online and buy a private number plate. Presenting a computer printout of a retention certificate might not be the most theatrical event of Christmas Day, but it’s a lot better than a box of chocolates and a dried-up bunch of flowers from the local garage.

All budgets catered for

You can buy a private number plate for little more than a 100ml bottle of a reasonably posh perfume, you can also spend as much on one as it costs to buy a decent detached house in Leicester, and there are numbers at every price point in between. In some cases, there are even financing options if you want to spend that little extra to get a number that you know will really mean something, but you can’t quite run to the full amount right now.

Pure simplicity

If you’re thinking of buying a number plate for someone you know will love it but you’re not 100 percent sold on the idea yourself yet, just think about what it does for you for a moment. You know we mentioned that giving is better than receiving earlier? Well, it certainly is when the buying process is as easy as it is with a number plate. Just think about it for a moment.

For a start, the whole process can be done entirely online, so there’s no shuffling around a load of shops looking for something that fits the bill. You also don’t have to worry about sizes, styles, colours, whether they’ll like the smell or if it fits with their existing décor.

The hardest thing about buying a number plate for someone is choosing which one to get, but choosing the right one not only shows you care, it also shows how well you know the person you’re giving it to and just how much you care. If you have to buy a gift for someone special who loves their car or motorbike, can you think of any better gift than a private number plate?