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Important: We DO NOT sell private registration numbers, we produce the physical plates made to order.

Where Can I Take My Show Plates?

While show plates are not legal on UK roads, there are many places you can use and enjoy them. Try an off-road area or motorcycle show, use them in a showroom if you are a motorcycle seller or even use them at events for bikers and their families.

Many people love to use motorbikes at special events such as weddings and funerals, and show plates can be attached to match the theme of the day; they look amazing in the photos, and people love the personalisation they offer.

You can even consider using show plates to promote your business or as a gift for a motorbike fanatic to hang in their biker shed. The possibilities are endless and we are always on hand to help you make the best of your show plate, just get in touch with us to speak to our friendly advisors.

What is Great About Show Plates?

Motorbikes have been incredibly popular for years, and show plates add something special to a bike. Most Motorcycle fans will tell you they take incredibly good care of their motorbikes and see them as part of the family. Because of the attention to detail that motorbike owners give to their bikes, it makes perfect sense that they would not want a yellow plate ruining the effect of their hard work and so a show plate can solve that problem perfectly.

When you start to design your show plates you will be able to choose everything to suit your individuality; from size, shape, font and colour as well as going for a 3D effect and adding borders, badges, flags and any other logos that take your fancy.

Not Able to Get a Show Plate?

If you are in the unfortunate position of not being able to take your bike on the road with a customised plate then don’t fret, firstly consider getting a set of show plates that you can use off-road.

Next, we would suggest customising your plate as much as you like within the confines of the law, personalising it to show off your personality and your bike. Remember, that the forty-year rule is rolling and so your bike may be eligible sooner than you think – when it is, get customising until your heart, and motorbike is content.

Get Your Motorcycle a Set of Show Plates

Our amazing online show plate maker will help you to design the perfect set of show plates for your motorcycle. Take a look at our show plate info below to find out where you can use them.

Make Your Plate as Cool as Your Bike

We all know that motorcyclists are seen as the ultimate in cool, and there is nothing sexier than watching a motorcyclist zoom by on a hot summer day. Cars are made to get you from A-Z, but motorbikes are made for you to love the ride and live the biker appearance. Most bikers want their plates to look as good as they do and their bike does, no one wants an unsightly plate spoiling the perfectly crafted image. This is why show plates are the perfect choice to fit alongside all the other added extras your bike enjoys.

Historic and Older Motorbikes

The legal document ‘The Road Vehicles 2001’ explains the rules and regulations surrounding the changes in plate laws for motorcyclists. This document will help you to work out whether your bike needs a number plate or not.

If you find that your motorbike is in the historic bike class, then you will be the owner of a bike that is at least forty years old. This is a rolling process and so if your bike is nearly there you won’t have much longer to wait before you are able to make your plates look however you want them to. The other great thing about having a historic motorbike is that you will not have to have a VED or MOT as long as you keep the bike in a roadworthy condition at all times.