Motorcycle Number Plates

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Important: We DO NOT sell private registration numbers, we produce the physical plates made to order.

Are Our Plates Legal?

When you choose us to make your plates, you can be certain that we will create them following DVLA regulations if you select the legal plate option when designing online. Please remember that you need to ensure you are designing a motorbike plate, not a car plate as we want you to get what you need the first time, every time.

How Big Should My Number Plate Be?

Motorbike number plates can vary in size as long as you stick to the character sizing and spacing guidelines. The typical size of a motorbike number plate is 229 mm x 178 mm. Get in touch if you want a different size to this as we would be happy to assist.

How to Fix Your New Plates to Your Bike?

When your new plates arrive, all you need to do is attach the sticky pads included in our fitting pack and stick on to your bike. If you prefer to screw your plates in, we also offer a fitting pack for this too. Take a look at our videos to see plates being fitted and get advice on how to fit yours properly.

Number Plates for your Motorcycle

When you come to us, you will be able to make your new number plates via our online maker. We are customer-focused and quality-driven, so you can be certain that you will get plates to be proud of.

Our Motorcycle Plate Information

Motorbikes have been around since the early 1900s and have been a popular mode of transport across the ages. There are many interesting facts about motorcycles, and we’ve selected some of the most interesting for you to check out:

  • The number of motorbikes in the UK was just 150,000 in 1916 but increased to over 500,000 by 1924.
  • WW2 saw a reduction in motorbike use as petrol was rationed until the ’50s, but the love of motorbikes did not dwindle in this time
  • Motorbikes follow the same regulations as cars and are updated when car regulations are updated
  • Any motorbike registered since September 1st 2001 only needs to display a backplate.
  • Front plates ceased as there were concerns about the safety of them for drivers.
  • Motorbike plates are written on two separate lines as opposed to one line like cars
  • Motorbike plates must be reflective like cars
  • Motorbike plates must adhere to the same rules regarding font and colour just like cars
  • Any bike made over 40 years ago can have a black and silver plate
  • Any historic bike in the UK does not need VED or an MOT
  • You can get various size plates for motorbikes as there are no rules around the size of the plate.
  • However, rules stipulate the size of the characters. They must be 64 mm x 44 mm x 10 mm with a space of 10 mm between them.
  • Motorbike plates need two letters to show where it is from, two numbers to show its age and three random numbers.