4D Number Plates

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Tell Me What a 4D Plate is

3D plates are well known, but 4D plates have not had as much press. A 4D plate is simply a 3D plate with more profiling to help step up the effect they have. You may have heard of 3D+ plates – they are exactly the same thing!

Are 4D Plates road worthy?

People often get confused about the legalities of number plates, but we are pleased to tell you that all our 4D plates are roadworthy and legal. We carefully follow all DVLA regulations and have years of experience so that you can use your plates with full peace of mind.

How are 4D Plates made?

Our 4D plates are fully reflective, and we cut out the characters and number from black material. Because we want to ensure satisfaction, we offer a range of options; you can choose from gel or have a layer of acrylic, either way, you are guaranteed to have the best plates around. We even offer a frosted finish or a neon finish that both look great at night-time. The finished effect will be a number plate that has numbers and characters that stand out and look phenomenal.

Get Your 4D Number Plates

Creating 4D plates is straightforward with our online plate maker, and you can be assured that you will receive them via express post. All our plates are made to the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

Number Plate Regulations

There are some regulations that you need to remember when considering a 4D number plate:

  • You can only have white reflective front plates and yellow reflective backplates
  • You must only use the Charles Wright font
  • You must stick to the sizing and layout rules
  • The spacing is 11 mm between numbers and letters with a 33 mm space in the middle
  • Each number and letter must be 79 mm x 50 mm x 14 mm
  • Each plate must display the British Standard number and the maker’s information
  • You can add a flag or a border but only as per the guidelines

Interestingly, if you have a vehicle that is over forty years old, then it would be classed as a historic vehicle and as such would not need to follow the DVLA guidelines. In these cases, you can make your plates look exactly as you like without any fear of legal ramification.

A basic set of 4D plates cost approximately £40, but this is increased the more you personalise them. 4D plates are such a great investment as they will help make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and will be the talk of the town or show, depending on where you are planning to show them off.