3D Gel Number Plates

The rise of 3D gel plates has hit the UK full force, and many people are now looking to get their own. We want to help you create your own and will deliver it at speed, for a great price.
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Important: We DO NOT sell private registration numbers, we produce the physical plates made to order.

Can I Take My 3D Plates on the Road?

3D gels plates are completely legal as long as you get ones that follow the DVLA guidance. All our 3D plates are DVLA compliant, and you will receive them ready to install on your vehicle.

Will a 3D Gel Plate Affect my MOT?

3D plates will not affect your MOT unless they are in a poor state of repair, not fixed on securely or do not adhere to the DVLA rules. Did you know you can fail an MOT if your plates are dirty enough to cover the details on it? Make sure you have cleared them of any dirt or grime before you take your car in!

How Do I Ensure My Plate is Legal?

Many customers want to know what it is that makes a number plate legal. Here at Show Plates UK, we follow the DVLA guidelines to ensure you can take your 3D plates on the road and we also offer a super shiny finish as extra should you want it to really pop. The key regulations we cover are:

  • Using the preapproved font – Charles Wright 2001
  • Character and number sizing at 79 mm x 50 mm x 24 mm
  • Made the plate from a fully reflective material
  • The plates always have black numbers and characters
  • White front plates, yellow backplates
  • Correctly sized space between the two sections of the plate.
  • An optional flag can be added
ns of the plate.
  • An optional flag can be added
  • Is a 3D Gel Plate Made Only From Gel?

    While our plates have 3D gel character and numbers, the plate is made from a reflective acrylic material which allows us to be DVLA compliant. People love their 3D plates as they add a bit of luxury to your vehicle and set them apart from the competition. Many people even get them as gifts for loved ones or as an accessory to help enhance a personalised number plate.

    How Long Will My Gel Plate Last?

    Our 3D gel plates are made from top quality supplied and will withstand the test of time. You can expect them to last the same amount of time as a non-gel version and they are a fantastic way of adding something special to your vehicle without having to pay lots for a personalised plate.

    The Low Down on 3D Gel Plates

    A 3D gel plate is made from a gel resin that is put over the characters on the plate resulting in a 3D effect. The result is a plate that stands out from the crowd, and the high gloss finish of our plates is both high quality and incredibly attractive. You may have heard of a domed plate that describes the look of the plate; this is the same as our 3D gel plates.

    How We Make Your 3D Plates

    When we get your order, we follow the following steps to make your plates:

    1. Print and cut the characters and numbers,
    2. Cover the characters and numbers with our special resin
    3. Bake them in our custom oven
    4. Cooling time to let them harden
    5. Check to ensure there are no chips or cracks.
    6. Remove the backing and adhere them to your plate
    7. Roll them to give a final smooth and check